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Silk Tricks EP.2 How to choose silk? Let's have a look with STYLE !

Silk Tricks EP.2 How to choose silk? Let's have a look with STYLE ! Hello everyone, after we have thought for a long time what EP2 will do content about. Finally, we have come to the conclusion that we will bring the topic of customers who have asked a lot about silk wear as today's topic. ' How to cut a dress to not look old ' Of course, anyone who thinks of silk tends to think of adults aged 70 80 90 100 + who tend to buy silk to wear and get used to it. But if you are in your 30s and 50s, what is there to help? Some will allow you to comfortably wear silk without worrying about looking too mature.

1. The first thing you need to do is You have to think that 'Silk is just like any other fabric', you don't need to cut a traditional Thai dress!!!

2 . Good color matching is the easiest technique for making a silk dress look more stylish.

Adults (emphasis on elderly adults) tend to wear silk often. When two pieces of fabric are cut together, most of the time, only the sarong color and the base color are used to match! The intensity of the color must be the same! It must be like the same piece of cloth only! Something like this, which is not wrong. Understanding this is correct. But we are still going to the next generation. Teenagers are rebellious? Thai silk doesn't always have to be neat. It's okay to be a little unconventional.

3. Choosing a fabric with a little detail on the fabric can be another gimmick that makes it look less boring and adds interest.

Silk is not the only one. Try to find a fabric that you like. Whether it's a fabric with a large, elegant pattern, or a fabric with a little texture detail, it's enough to make it look charming. No matter what kind of fabric, it can be used equally well.

4. Silk doesn't always have to be paired with silk. Try choosing another fabric to pair with silk. Maybe you can build your own style into a new trend.

In this world, there are many types of fabrics that you can choose to match with silk. Some fabrics may be cheap, or others may be more expensive than silk. But that depends on your resource allocation.

If you want to reduce the cost of this silk dress, you may choose fabrics that are cheap but still have a distinctive feature such as some types of synthetics, laces, etc.

Alternatively, natural fibers can also be paired well with silk, but this may add to the cost of sewing. But the added cost is also worthy of silk. Natural fiber fabrics are another great option to make silk dresses stand out even more and look super earthy.

5. The most important thing is to choose the type of clothes. Basically, we recommend two things: a classic dress that no matter what era you wear, it always looks fashionable, and the second is a trendy fashion dress that everyone has to say wow!!!

This one depends on the preferences of each person, but most of the time, silk dress should be cut into a classic style so that we can bring it back and wear it many times without getting bored. (The key point is that this method makes it more economical.)

6. From the way we design our outfits from above, the last thing is that we should have a few details that will help our outfits not look too simple.

It could be a collar, sleeves, buttons, skirt tweets and many more that you can add a touch of here to make it look more fashionable and unique.

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