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Silk Tricks EP.1 How to choose silk to be " worth it " One set style. Chic anywhere!!!

In the past, buying a piece of silk would not be a big deal. But during this famine If it wasn't a really important event, we probably wouldn't have decided to buy silk easily.

Today we will introduce how to choose silk with steps for various events. appropriate to the present These days, events always have a theme to follow. Whether it's the color of the event or the style of the event, we always have to find an outfit that matches the event .

Let's take a look at the specifications that will help us choose the best one to cut into a trusty set.

1. Theme Colors vs Our Colors (Events have themed, but we need to keep the look to ourselves as much as possible)

If the theme of the event is bright mint color But we are people who like dark colors. The thing that we can do is to choose the fabric color to look the most suitable for the event and be yourself the most.

If we are reluctant to buy the fabric according to the theme without thinking about your own preferences. Wear it once and then forget about it. selection of silk Should choose the color that we like and feel comfortable wearing it.

2. LESS IS MORE silk is already beautiful, just plain silk can handle it. (No need to add more just need jewelry with nice shoes is enough)

Silk is a shiny fabric. It is unique and doesn't need much decoration like other fabrics. It can be said that silk can stand out on its own.

Choosing a design for a wedding or various events should be simple as number 1, whether it is a long dress for an evening or a Thai dress for a morning event, it should be a simple one that can be applied to any piece of fabric. other For example, choosing to cut a two-piece set or cut into outerwear instead. Make it mix and match with jeans and turtlenecks for chilling days.

Most importantly, wearing it must help enhance your personality and be more confident.

***The secret is to imagine how much the designs we choose can be applied to other events because the more, the more worthwhile!!!

3. Find a tailor

Most of the silk wearers have a personal technician. which we recommend to cut silk with a tailor who has already cut silk clothes Because this type of fabric is quite difficult to cut. Unfamiliar people can damage the fabric.

4. Calculate the fabric (recommended to measure the model thoroughly)

When we get a technician, we bring the designs we have chosen and send them to the technician to calculate the fabric. how many yards in total Since most silks are sold by the yard If the craftsman has never cut silk before Might be a little difficult to calculate

But what if we skip the steps? Can I buy silk before? You can do it too. But most of the shops recommend to buy the standard amount 4 yards before. But what if the fabric is not enough? Go back to the fabric shop and it's gone. What we can do is find other fabrics to decorate.

The important thing about buying silk that everyone should know is Silk is produced in small quantities. You should buy enough fabric at one time.

***Tips: You should wear the same underwear that will be worn to the measurement event. to make the chest not too tight or too loose

5. Go to a cloth shop and find love at first sight.

Why is it love at first sight, not true love? (using the specs from the section above decide)

That's because many people tend to make the decision to buy the first cloth they pick, accounting for 85% of all customers. And the most important thing is that most silks only have one piece. Sometimes we buy other fabrics that go with the theme better instead. The next day, we will come back to buy love at first sight and it's too late.

The fabric you can't resist = the one that's right for you.

6. Arrange the silk to match. You don't have to choose the same color to be beautiful.

If your dream dress requires a different kind of fabric than silk. The first thing to do is Identify the type of fabric to use by purchasing silk first. and then compare the silk with other fabrics

Because silk does not have many colors to choose from. If silk is compared to lace, it can find fabric much faster. If compared to other types of fabrics compared to silk because most of them are very difficult to find fabrics that are compatible (I've met people who have compared silk in the whole district and still can't find fabrics.)

***The trick is that we don't have to wear the same color cloth for the whole set. Should choose light-colored fabrics to make some points stand out and should choose dark colors in areas that we want to cover up and are not confident.

For example, if you have a pear-shaped body. small breasts big hips Choose a light color for the upper part of the dress and use a dark color for the lower part to cover the hips. This will help make your figure look more proportional.

That's all, it's done for choosing our party dress. In the next episode, we will delve into how to choose silk to make us look more stylish!!!

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