Yard fabric

The selection of tailoring fabrics depends on the needs and the shape of the dress that we want to wear. If it is a Thai dress that emphasizes the shape, it should choose thick fabrics like 4 threads of silk for sewing. This will make the dress stay beautiful. without the need for thick adhesive cloth But if it's a dress that's comfortable to wear Should choose thin fabrics, such as 2 threads of silk or silk with glass beads in cutting the dress


printed silk

Silk printed 2 lines after weaving the fabric to be finished. So we take it to the printing factory. with export standards which is suitable for Cutting clothes or pillowcases


glass beads silk

silk plexiglass weaving machine

The same pattern on the whole piece Suitable for cutting Thai dresses or dresses for various events.


plaid silk

plaid silk Woven with fine quality silk, small size, making it lighter and more comfortable to wear.